Content Publishing SystemPlan for Results This chart shows how content is created. First comes a strategic plan.
Ideal Website Team This chart illustrates how the strategic planner acts as a project coordinator between the various teams.
Economic Crash or Opportunity?“I've been predicting the next financial crash ever since the last one.
How long does it take to rank a webpage?An American website owner writes the following: -------------- Hi, I am a webmaster that has been developing websites for about 5 years now.
Google On-Page Factors Title Tags The title tag is probably the most important factor on the webpage. Without it, it's unlikely the page will ever rank.
What Google is not telling youThe world is changed. Google has put in place a new system in the last 12-18 months. The system is known as Panda and Penguin.
Editing Questionnaire   Double-barreled Question – A question on a questionnaire, in which two different things are being asked simultaneously. The respondent is unable to answer effectively.
Lead Time Lead Time – Period that elapse between two specific moments in time.
Multi-Client ResearchMulti-Client Research – Syn: Syndicated Service     A form of marketing research in which a number of interested parties jointly participate in a research project.
Diagnostic ResearchClient – Syn: Principal The person who directs a market research agency to put forward a research proposal and who instructs the agency to put forward a research proposal and who...
Error of MeasurementError of Measurement – Error(s) made in a study because the measuring instrument is no entirely accurate.
Internal ConsistencyInternal Consistency – The degree to which different questions (for example, in a questionnaire) measure the same problem or subject. The mutual coherence of the questions.
Environmental VariableEnvironmental Variable – A variable that (may) exert influence on the behavior of a person in a specific situation.
Null Hypothesis Hypothetical Concept – Concept assumed to be present. It existence, however, has not yet been demonstrated experimentally.
Dependent VariableControl Condition(s) -The total of all variables in an experiment that may be controlled, that is to say, kept constant, in order to permit study of other variables.