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  • 6 More Tips for Funky-Fresh Facebook Ads
    Curious about the latest Facebook ad changes? Wondering how to take your Facebook ads to the next level? Lately Facebook has gone all in to provide businesses with tools and targeting options to connect with customers and prospects when it matters. In this article… ... read more
    Source: WordstreamPublished on 2015-10-08By Larry Kim
  • What Brands Can And Cannot Do
    Some searching questions recently from executives who seem to pride themselves on being brand skeptics prompted me to review the parameters of what brands can do, what they can’t and why I still believe that branding is a vital business activity. Let’s start with… ... read more
    Source: StrategyPublished on 2015-10-08By Mark Di Somma
  • Value Proposition: How a local business doubled its space in 9 months
    Tweet There are really only two types of marketing. There’s “Let’sThrowEverythingWeHaveAtTheCustomerAndSHOUTITREALLYLOUD!” marketing. The value for the customer is not very clear with this method, but if the company buys enough TV spots, throws some huge incentives in the mix and pays high enough affiliate marketing… ... read more
    Source: MKEXPublished on 2015-10-08By Daniel Burstein
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