Index of Retail SaturationIndex of Retail Saturation - A technique normally used in larger areas to aid retailer's choice among possibilities for location of new outlets.
Implicit Price IndexImplementation - The stage in the strategic market planning process in which an action program is designed to meet the strategic objective(s) using available resources and given th...
High Pressure SellingHierarchy of Effects Model - 1.
Hard GoodsGross Rating Point (GRP) - A measure of the total amount of the advertising exposures produced by a specific media vehicle or a media schedule during a specific period of time.
Global Marketing Information SystemsGlobal Brand - A brand that is marketed according to the same strategic principles in every part of the world.
Gap AnalysisGalley Proof - A copy of the individual pages of an ad, brochure, poster, or other printed material used for final proofreading of the text before final negatives are made for the ...
Formula SellingFormative Research - The market research , usually on target customers, carried out before a marketing program is begun in order to help formulate effective strategy and tactics.
Flanker BrandFlanker Brand - A line extension. Sometimes the term is meant to cover only those line extensions that are not premium-priced or low-priced.
Feature StoryFeature Story - A type of publicity material that can be used by the media at their convenience because it is not time related.
Facilitating AgentFabricating Materials - processed materials required for producing goods and services that are not considered component parts.
Exclusive DealingEx-parte - A regulatory practice of pretesting proposed regulatory rules in an effort to get reactions and comments from shippers, carriers,and other interested parties.
Elastic SupplyEgo – According to Freudian theory, the ego is one prong of the three parts of the personality.
Environmental AnalysisEnduring Involvement – The general, personal relevance of a product or activity.
Economic EnvironmentEarly Adopters – The second identifiable subgroup within a population that begins use of an innovation. They follow innovators and precede the early majority..
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