Philippine Based American SEO Team

Joe Knapp spent most of his life operating small businesses in southeastern Michigan.

His experience in the Internet started with the installation of Internet services in several of the Detroit area libraries. This was before graphical user interface known as browsers. Before Firefox, Internet Explorer or the modern systems we have now. The method then was Telnet and Gopher. These were menu driven systems designed by big universities and library vendors.


He has seen a huge transformation in the Internet over the years. Originally, it was a database information tool. Then as browsers and people like AOL came along, business started to make websites. There were few tools and no economic models. In 1995, he traveled to Portland Oregon for a trade conference on Internet business. He heard from some of the early pioneers like Powels books, B&W photo and others share their success stories. At that time, it was estimated that only 6% of the businesses on the Internet were making a profit. Over the years broadband, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Email have transformed the Internet into a vast communication system. It’s no wonder that the previous systems like TV, Radio and Newspapers are being replaced by this very broad and very deep system.


But this complexity brings challenges to the business person. This is why he founded To guide people in marketing their business on the Internet.

In 2000, he traveled to the Philippines on a mission trip. Every year, he returned until 2009 when he made Philippines his home.



Office Manager

Alona is a proof reader and the Office manager, responsible for overall operations.

She has a Bachelors degree in Education with an English Major.

She is currently enrolled in a part time Masters program.

As a former English teacher, she can spot many grammar, spelling and other errors.




Senior Writer

Melrose brings experience to the staff. Her writing and her English is Excellent.

Her overseas work gives her a good perspective.

She is enrolled in a part time masters program.





SEO Level 1

Jay Ann  Is a writer and a SEO Apprentice.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education with an English Major.

Former English teacher and excellent proof reader.

She is currently working on writing a novel part time.





Joseph is working on tools for WordPress.

He is enrolled at STI,  a premier Computer school in Philippines.

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