Digital Startup Marketing Plan

1) Marketing- Overall plan Targeted Prospect surveys Website with analytics data Feedback mechanism for marketing USP – Unique Selling Proposition Feedback on USP (proof of concept) Pricing 2) Competitor analysis Complete listings SWOT analysis Financial History 3) Projections Cash Flow P&L Investor returns   This is a basic outline. The most important area is section one. … Read more

Long Tail Keywords is a Way to Rank

Long Tail Keywords are one of the most important concepts for a website owner to understand. The following are the six key areas: In virtually every market, there are far more niche goods than fat head(common search). And this trend is growing. The cost of reaching those niches is now falling.  Because of Search, broadband … Read more

How to Value a Website

How to place a value on the website. This is helpful for selling a website. Before any new construction or rebuilding, it’s important to understand how a website appreciated over time. By understanding the value of a website a target goal can set. By knowing the goal an investment budget is easier to create. Some … Read more


This is a video explaining the WordPress installation of permalinks. This will dictate how your URL’s will show up. This is important for SEO. This makes it very easy. Be sure to keep your categories short.