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Accelerated Development – The process of speeding up the new product development process. Development can be accelerated in a number of ways, such as speeding up the development process, eliminating unnecessary steps, undertaking two or more development tasks in parallel, or eliminating or minimizing decision-making delays. Acceleration Principle– A postulation in economics that society’s stock of … Read more Access Time

Absolute Threshold

Marketing Terms Dictionary AAA – Abbreviation for: American Academy of Advertising, the professional organization of practitioners and teachers of advertising interested in furthering advertising education. AAAA– Abbreviation for: American Association of Advertising Agencies, the national Association of Advertising Agencies. AAF– Abbreviation for: American Advertising Federation, a federation of association of advertisers, agencies, media, advertising, clubs, … Read more Absolute Threshold


America is switching from a location-based economy to an Internet economy. The rest of the world is also changing over on a slower scale. Search is the most powerful way to connect with customers. This new form called inbound marketing has changed the face of business. People who search and find your website will be … Read more Search

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