Consent Order

Conjoint Analysis – A m ethology for representing the structure of consumer preferences,and predicting consumer’s behavior towards new stimuli. Introduced relatively recently, it is still in the process of developing its application and potentials. Conjunctive Rule – A decision-making rule of thumb or heuristic in which the consumer is assumed to set up minimum cutoffs for … Read more

Concealed Discount

Competitive Advantage – 1. (strategic marketing definition) A competitive advantage exists when there is a match between the distinctive competences of a firm and the factors critical for success within the industry that permits the firm to outperform its competitors. Advantages can be gained by having the lowest delivered costs and/ or differentiation in terms … Read more

Comparison Advertising

Commodity Approach – An approach to the study of marketing characterized by the following of a product through all the ramifications of its movements from producers to users. Se: Functional Approach, Institutional Approach Commodity Exchange – (1) An organization or associations of an individuals which provides a place for trading in an item such as … Read more

Commercial Bribery

Color – the effect of color on the moods and attitudes of people in respect to merchandise or stores is being increasingly recognized and reflected in packaging and interior decorating. It is reflected where feasible in the coloring of the product itself. Considerable research has been reported on the effects of individual colors and combinations … Read more

Coefficient of Correlation

Coding – A technical procedure by which a data are categorized; it involves specifying alternative categories or classes in which the responses are to be placed and assigning code numbers to classes. Coefficient of Correlation – A measure of the relationship between two or more variables, e.g., the degree of response of sales to the … Read more


Close or Closing -(1) In sales, a successful asking-for-the-order resulting in the prospect’s agreement to buy the product or service offered. See: Assumptive Close, Trail Close (2) In advertising, that section of the copy which contains the idea of interest to the advertiser. Sometimes called urge line. Closed Assortment – An assortment in which the … Read more


Circular – Regular or small sheets of the paper printed on one or both sides intended for delivery by mail or by hand. Circulation -(1) The number of copies of a publication distributed. May be counted as paid and unpaid. (2) Used loosely to refer to the number of homes regularly tuned to a certain … Read more

Check Payment Ordering System

Chain Store – one of a system of two or more stores of similar type which are centrally owned and managed. In U.S. Census definition four or more such stores are needed to constitute a chain.  See: Retailer Chain Store System – A group of retail stores essentially the same type, centrally owned and with … Read more

Central Buying

Caveat Venditor – The Latin phrase which means “ let the buyer beware”. It denotes the philosophy that the buyer had better take care what he is getting because once the sale is made, the buyer will have no recourse. See: Caveat Venditor Ceefax – A phonetic rendering of “see facts”, the British Broadcasting Corporation … Read more

Cash Flow

Carrier Plateau – A situation in which the likelihood of a salesperson’s receiving increased responsibility (e.g., a promotion, a bigger territory) is low. Career plateauing can lead to substantial opportunity costs for sales personnel on the company. Factors contributing to career plateau include both personal (e.g., low motivation, feelings of job burnout) and organizational (e.g., … Read more