Consent Order

Conjoint Analysis – A m ethology for representing the structure of consumer preferences,and predicting consumer’s behavior towards new stimuli. Introduced relatively recently, it is still in the process of developing its application and potentials. Conjunctive Rule – A decision-making rule of thumb or heuristic in which the consumer is assumed to set up minimum cutoffs for … Read more Consent Order


Close or Closing -(1) In sales, a successful asking-for-the-order resulting in the prospect’s agreement to buy the product or service offered. See: Assumptive Close, Trail Close (2) In advertising, that section of the copy which contains the idea of interest to the advertiser. Sometimes called urge line. Closed Assortment – An assortment in which the … Read more Close-Out

Cash Flow

Carrier Plateau – A situation in which the likelihood of a salesperson’s receiving increased responsibility (e.g., a promotion, a bigger territory) is low. Career plateauing can lead to substantial opportunity costs for sales personnel on the company. Factors contributing to career plateau include both personal (e.g., low motivation, feelings of job burnout) and organizational (e.g., … Read more Cash Flow

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