Display Stock – The stock placed on various display fixtures that consumers can directly examine. Display Store – A small store operated by a firm doing business by mails, in which items are presented for viewing and ordering only. The firm’s catalog is the base for the displays. See: Catalog Store Display Type – (1) … Read more

Display Advertising

Direct Response Advertising – 1.Essentially the same as Direct Mail Advertising except that the message may be delivered by any medium such as television or radio as well as the postal system. 2. An approach to the advertising message that includes a method of response such as an address or telephone number whereby members of … Read more

Direct Denial Technique

Differential Threshold – The smallest difference that an individual can detect between stimuli. Also called the: just noticeable difference or j.n.d. See: Absolute Threshold, Weber’s Law Differentiated Marketing – The developing of a unique marketing mix for each target market on which the firm has fixed. Diffusion Index – An indicator which permits comparison of … Read more


Depth Interview – 1. A research interview in which the respondent is encouraged to speak freely an in full about a particular subject. The interview is conducted without the use of a structured questionnaire.   2. The demand for one product that is derived from the the purchase of another. The demand for industrial products is … Read more

Delphi Technique

Deck Panels – In outdoor advertising, panels erected one above another. Decline Stage – The fourth stage of a product life cycle. Sales of the product fall off their levels during the maturity (third) stage. This may lead to abandonment or efforts at rejuvenation of the product. Deduction – A system of reasoning that results … Read more


Daily Effective Circulation – In outdoor advertising, the number of persons who may be expected to observe a message. Usually measures as one-half of all persons passing the display in cars and trucks plus one-quarter of total mass-transit passengers. Data System – The part of a decision support system that includes the processess used to … Read more

Custom Selling

Cue – A technical term from psychological learning theory for the stimulus that impels some sort of action. An advertisement  may be a cue leading to desire for a purchase of a product. Cultural Ecology – The study of process by which a society adapts to its environment by social transformation and evolutionary changes. Cultural … Read more

Creative Selling

Coverage Area – The geographic area in which a station’s signal can be received satisfactorily.  See: Coverage Map Coverage Map – A map showing the prime area of a medium’s reach within a market. In Transit Advertising it usually includes street patterns and transit system routes. Cowcatcher -In broadcast media, a brief announcement preceding a … Read more


Council of the Americans – A business association of over 200 companies, representing about 85% of United States private investment in Latin America, organized to monitor, advise, and create liaison with the economic climate in Latin America as it develops. Count and Recount – A procedure used to determined by simple arithmetic. Counter Ad Plan … Read more

Corrective Advertising

Copy Slant – The particular way in which a selling point is present in an advertisement. Each individual audience segment should have each own matching slant copy. Copy Testing – Research done to evaluate proposed advertising appeals as to clarity and impact. Copythinking – All of the activities, including gathering of data, research, and investigation, … Read more