Direct Denial Technique

Differential Threshold – The smallest difference that an individual can detect between stimuli. Also called the: just noticeable difference or j.n.d. See: Absolute Threshold, Weber’s Law Differentiated Marketing – The developing of a unique marketing mix for each target market on which the firm has fixed. Diffusion Index – An indicator which permits comparison of … Read moreDirect Denial Technique


Daily Effective Circulation – In outdoor advertising, the number of persons who may be expected to observe a message. Usually measures as one-half of all persons passing the display in cars and trucks plus one-quarter of total mass-transit passengers. Data System – The part of a decision support system that includes the processess used to … Read moreDebugging


Council of the Americans – A business association of over 200 companies, representing about 85% of United States private investment in Latin America, organized to monitor, advise, and create liaison with the economic climate in Latin America as it develops. Count and Recount – A procedure used to determined by simple arithmetic. Counter Ad Plan … Read moreCouponing

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