Convergent Marketing

Control Character – A character in ADP whose occurrence in a certain context initiates, modifies or stops a control operation, e.g., a character to control print line spacing. Control Group – the group of individuals associated with a test Group in a marketing research activity but who are not exposed to the variable being studied. … Read more

Content Analysis

Content Analysis – Used in the social sciences to examine communications messages by a systematic technique involving categorizing the messages according to predetermined rules and then treating them statistically. It has been used for such diverse purposes as testing the effectiveness of advertising substantiation and proving the authorship of the “Federalist Papers”. Content Validity – An … Read more

Consumer Research

Constraint – Anything in the environment or the objectives of an investigation or action which limits its extent, scope, or area. See: Payoff, Problem, Marketing Research Constitutive Definition – a definition in which a given construct is defined in terms of other constructs in the set, sometimes in the form of an equation that expresses … Read more