Secondary vs Primary Data

Primary data is the data that you collect yourself. This is the most expensive data. Secondary data is that which is collected by other people. Sources of secondary data may be, industry associations, specialty companies who sell the data, like marketing companies and others. Secondary data is almost always cheaper to purchase. By gathering primary … Read more Secondary vs Primary Data

What is Marketing Research ?

Marketing is information about the customer or consumer, or visitor or prospect. It’s the information about the person you are selling to or want to sell to. The research portion is the data collection, the analysis and reporting of the information. It’s that simple. Market research is gathering information about the people who are selling … Read more What is Marketing Research ?

Brand Awareness

Strength/weakness Profile – Profile based upon an analysis of strengths and weaknesses See also: Strength/weakness Analysis Target Group – Syn: Prospects The specific group of consumers or users for whom a product, service, advertising message, etc. is intended. One can distinguish marketing targets (for all marketing activities) and advertising targets for all advertising activities). Further … Read more Brand Awareness

Market Segment

Fun Shopping – Syn: Recreational Shopping Shopping as a form of recreation. Often involves products for which the consumer needs more time to make a choice (e.g., furniture) or products involving status or personal appearance (e.g., clothing). Fun shopping is often combined with other activities such as visits to a theater or restaurant. Future Research … Read more Market Segment

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