Prosperity – Riches: the financial success of a person, class of people, or country. Prosperity is characterized by a high level of economic activity, employment, and levels of investment. See also: Standard of living Purchasing Power – The financial means (including credit facilities) that a person or a group of people posses for the purchase … Read more Recession

Economies of Scale

Economics – The scientific study of the allocation of scarce resources under unlimited and competitive use. See also: Econometrics/Demand/Supply/Scarcity Economies of Scale – Reduction in average production costs due to increased output, higher internal production, a merger with another company, etc. Economics of scale work up to a certain level. After that level has been … Read more Economies of Scale


Poster – A printed advertisement in both large and small format (size standards vary by country)located generally in officially permitted positions on walls, buildings, stations. The target group comprises those who physically pass in the immediate vicinity or “passing trade.” Publication Interval – The period between the appearance of two consecutive issues of a medium. … Read more Subscriber

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