Decision Model

Affect – An indefinite term of various meanings – feeling, mood, emotion. Association – Literally: conjunction, connection, combination,. Indefinite term often used to indicate the relation or connection between two or more phenomena, objects or elements. Behavior – A key concept in psychology: it pertains to all activities of the human organism in terms of … Read more

Communication Science

Channel – The means used to transmit communications. Channels include radio, TV, the press, and books. Channels differ from one another according to the following characteristics: capacity; effectiveness; structure; and function. See also: Communication/Mass Communication Communication – The flow of information from one person to another (s). Each announcement, report or item of news can … Read more

Social Mobility

Self-destroying Prophecy – Syn: Self-Deceiving Prophecy A prognosis or forecast that, because of its having been made, destroy itself. The forecast, based upon correct facts, may be valid, but the actions of interested parties may cause it not to come about. For instance, statistics may show that a shortage of engineers will occur within a … Read more

SEO Company Service

Are you on your search for SEO Services? You found us! We have the expertise and the experience! Our SEO Services are designed to help your website to generate traffic, increase visibility, and increase sales. We believe that SEO is a form of inexpensive advertising and marketing. Both are essential component in business. So is … Read more