Differential Threshold

Adaptation – Prolonged stimulation renders the sensory organs insensitive to further stimulation; the perceptive function is thus curtailed. For example: a smell or odor is no longer perceived after 30 seconds.  Attention – A selective process in which an individual, either interactionally or subconsciously, perceives a limited number of stimuli and/or has a reaction to … Read more

Discretionary Income

Discretionary Income – That segment of personal income beyond what is required to maintain a clearly defined or historical standard of living. This part may be saved, without detrimental consequences to the established standard of living, or it may be used for purchases without detriment to old obligation or needs. See also: Disposable Income  Disposable … Read more


Psychologism – To (desire) refer to reduce everything to the tenets of psychology (behavior). This propensity is not restricted to psychologists, but is open to others, for example, the sociologist, as when he regards the formation of groups as function of the behavior of individuals.  Psychology – 1. The science dealing with the systematic study … Read more

Research as a Marketing Strategy

Several things are needed for a successful website. One form of strategy is research. Here is a basic overview of how research can form the basis of the website. 1) Determine the goals of the website. This is not as obvious as it looks. Often the goals of the website change. As the market conditions … Read more