Forums as a marketing tool

When we talk about forums, there are two main areas. Inbound and outbound. Inbound is where people are coming into your website and using a forum on your website. This can be difficult to start and manage. It works best for areas that need tech support. If there’s many people coming to ask questions, and … Read more

Strategic Marketing Plan

I’m amazed how many people contact me asking how to integrate social media into their marketing plan. They read so much about social media and now they want to put it front and center on their plan. They want to use social networking as the tool that brings in all this new business to their … Read more

Incidental Learning

Aided Recall – The technique of provoking the remembrance of a subject ( in an interview and/or research) by offering that subject specific referents as in (having shown him a list of words), “What words have you seen that started with an A?” or (having shown him a magazine) “What advertisements have you seen?” See also: … Read more

Perceptual Mapping

Perception – Perceptio (Latin) =reception, understanding, insight. Getting to know the world around us by making use of all senses. Perception does not refer solely to the sense of sight (as is commonly thought) but also to hearing, smell, and taste. Perception is more than just the engagement of one or more senses; it is … Read more