Descriptive Statistics

Correlation Matrix – A square in which all correlation-coefficients of a study are located. All quantified variables are correlated to one another. The purpose is to discover unanticipated, hidden relations. Many such correlation-coefficient are irrelevant, nonsense, or involve pseudo-relations. For example: frequency with soup is purchased as related to shoe size in a sample of housewife. … Read more Descriptive Statistics


Point Cloud – The correlation of points in a scatter diagram. See also: Scatter diagram Profile – Graphic representation of research results in which the objective is to show clearly the differences between elements or parts. Profile Score – The individual score in a profile. See also: Profile Quadrant – Square. Statistical data are often displayed by … Read more Trend

Curvilinear Relation

Poisson Distribution – A special instance of a binomial distribution, in which the probability for a specific event is extremely small (for example: an accident). See also: Binomial distribution Probability Distribution – A distribution that expresses the probability of value X as a function of X. See also: Binomial distribution Sample distribution – Syn: Sampling distribution … Read more Curvilinear Relation

Company Statistics

Attribute – A qualitative characteristic of an individual, usually applied to distinguish a variable (or other quantitative characteristic). For example,sex is an attribute, but age a variable. Attributes are often dichotomous but not in every instance (for example, blood groups). See also: Variable/Dichotomy Atypical – A case, person, object or datum that clearly deviates from norm. … Read more Company Statistics

Job Analysis

Commercial Psychology – The study of consumer behavior and industrial communications. The following are included in this subject: mass communication, creative formation of advertising messages, media models, integration of the communication mix into the marketing mix. See also: Mass Communication/Consumer behavior/Psychology Cultural Psychology – Poorly defined psychological specialty. It refers to study of the influences … Read more Job Analysis

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