Dependent Variable

Control Condition(s) -The total of all variables in an experiment that may be controlled, that is to say, kept constant, in order to permit study of other variables. See also: Experiment Control Group – A group of subjects in an experimental research project, serving as a control for the experimental research project, serving as a … Read more

Empirical Construct

Accuracy – The degree to which calculations or estimations are in proximity to exact or real values. See also: Precision Base Level – Prior to drawing conclusion from research data, it is frequently necessary to be informed about what is called the base level, conditions with which the research begins. For example, when, after an … Read more

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – The intelligence exhibited by a programmed computer. The computer is employed to simulate human intelligence, human thinking processes. Examples: the computer that play chess, the computer guidance of aircraft. See also: Simulation of thinking Computer – Complex electronic calculator. Used in marketing research for data processing. In psychology the computer is employed similarly … Read more

Regression Analysis

Cluster Analysis – A technique of analysis that attempts to classify sample persons into a small number of segments (types, clusters) on the basis of a number of characteristics. Essentially, the persons within a given segment are made to look as similar as possible (as far as the stipulated characteristics are concerned); at the same … Read more