Lead Time

Lead Time – Period that elapse between two specific moments in time. For example: the time that elapses between a prototype’s being developed and its manufacture and distribution to the retail trade. Letter of Intent – It is usually a time-consuming operation for a marketing research agency to draw up a research proposal for a … Read more

Multi-Client Research

Multi-Client Research – Syn: Syndicated Service     A form of marketing research in which a number of interested parties jointly participate in a research project. Such research is usually carried out through the facilities of a research agency. Multi-client research is always directed at a single subject (for example: cigar smokers, grocers, TV commercials), … Read more

Diagnostic Research

Client – Syn: Principal The person who directs a market research agency to put forward a research proposal and who instructs the agency to put forward a research proposal and who instructs the agency to carry out the survey in its original or in an amended form. The client usually pays for the research. (Sometimes … Read more

Error of Measurement

Error of Measurement – Error(s) made in a study because the measuring instrument is no entirely accurate. See also: Measuring Instrument/Standard error of measurements Experimental Error – The variation that is probable and that may be anticipated in every instance in which an experiment is duplicated. An adequate experimental design must include adequate safeguards against … Read more

Internal Consistency

Internal Consistency – The degree to which different questions (for example, in a questionnaire) measure the same problem or subject. The mutual coherence of the questions. Interrater Reliabilty – Syn: Interjudge reliability/Intersubjectivity See: Interjudge Reliability Intersubjectivity – Syn: Interjudge Reliability/Interrater reliability See: Interjudge Reliability Method of Item Analysis – A method of measuring the reliability … Read more

Environmental Variable

Environmental Variable – A variable that (may) exert influence on the behavior of a person in a specific situation. Environmental variables are not studied, unless the study specifically concerns just these variables. Exogenous Variable – Exo (Greek) = outside. A variable that exerts influence on the results of a study. This variable falls outside the … Read more

Null Hypothesis

Hypothetical Concept – Concept assumed to be present. It existence, however, has not yet been demonstrated experimentally. Hypothetical Construct – A concept or idea that is positioned between the observation and the results of a study. The construct is of a theoretical nature. It provides an explanation for an aspect that is essentially abstract. For … Read more