Hard Goods

Gross Rating Point (GRP) – A measure of the total amount of the advertising exposures produced by a specific media vehicle or a media schedule during a specific period of time. It is expressed in terms of the rating of a specific media vehicle (if only one is being used) or the sum of all … Read more Hard Goods

Global Marketing Information Systems

Global Brand – A brand that is marketed according to the same strategic principles in every part of the world. Global Corporation – A stage of development of a company doing business outside the home country. Global Marketing – 1.(global marketing definition) A marketing strategy that consciously addresses global customers, markets,and competition in formulating a … Read more Global Marketing Information Systems

Gap Analysis

Galley Proof – A copy of the individual pages of an ad, brochure, poster, or other printed material used for final proofreading of the text before final negatives are made for the printing process. Game – A consumer sales promotion technique that involves collection, matching, or use of skill to complete a project or activity … Read more Gap Analysis

Flanker Brand

Flanker Brand – A line extension. Sometimes the term is meant to cover only those line extensions that are not premium-priced or low-priced. Flanking – An indirect strategy aimed at capturing market segments whose needs are not being served by competitors. Flanking can be executed by targeting either a geographical segment or a consumer segment … Read more Flanker Brand

Feature Story

Feature Story – A type of publicity material that can be used by the media at their convenience because it is not time related. A feature is often human interes0related and contains more background information than typically found in the news release. It is also known as an evergreen because of its relatively long life … Read more Feature Story

Facilitating Agent

Fabricating Materials – processed materials required for producing goods and services that are not considered component parts. Examples are steel plates, chemicals, glass, coke, sheet metal, plastics, leather. Face Value – The printed financial value of a coupon (actual savings). The face value can be either a specific monetary amount, a percentage discount, or combination … Read more Facilitating Agent

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