Exclusive Dealing

Ex-parte – A regulatory practice of pretesting proposed regulatory rules in an effort to get reactions and comments from shippers, carriers,and other interested parties. Exception Rate – A transportation charge based on a class rate but reduced due to special circumstances, usually local or regional competitive conditions. Exchange – All activities associated with receiving something … Read more

Elastic Supply

Ego – According to Freudian theory, the ego is one prong of the three parts of the personality. The ego is the executive, or the planner, compromising between the demands for immediate gratification of the id and the pristine rigidity of the superego (conscience or moral self). Ego Defenses – The tools the ego has … Read more

Environmental Analysis

Enduring Involvement – The general, personal relevance of a product or activity. Engel’s Law – The observation that the proportion of income spent on food declines as income rises with given tastes or preferences. This law or tendency was formulated by Ernst Engel (1821-1896) in a paper published by him in 1857. Environment – The … Read more

Economic Environment

Early Adopters – The second identifiable subgroup within a population that begins use of an innovation. They follow innovators and precede the early majority.. Their role is to be opinion leaders and have influence over the early majority. Early Majority – The third identifiable subgroup within a population that adopts the innovation. They are preceded … Read more

Five interesting conversion mistakes

      Five interesting conversion mistakes we’ve made and seen How many similarly foolish mistakes are you making with your website? This article is based on the webinar we co-presented with Rand Fishkin from Moz. Rand’s section of the talk has been moved into a separate article, “Does CRO mess up SEO? Or vice … Read more