Physical Distribution

Perceived Role Accuracy – The degree to which the salesperson’s perception of role set members demands-particularly company superiors- is accurate. Perceived Role Ambiguity – The degree to which a salesperson feels he or she does not have the information necessary to perform the job adequately. The salesperson maybe uncertain about what some role set members … Read more

Parasite Store

Parasite Store – A store that lives on existing traffic flow that originates from circumstances other than its own promotional effort, or customer service. Partially Integrated Division – This division contains production and marketing functions except for sales. Personal selling is provided by a centralized sales organization selling the products of two or more divisions. … Read more

Out Sizes

Ordinary Dating – This is illustrated by such terms as “1/10, net 30” of “2/10, net 60.” The two specified time elements are the cash discount and the net credit period. the cash discount may be deducted if the bill is paid within the discount period (10 days in both examples); otherwise, the full amount … Read more


Oligopoly – A market situation in which there are so few sellers that each anticipates the impact of its marketing actions on all competitors. The products can be either differentiated or undifferentiated. Oligopsony – A market situation in which there are so few buyers that each anticipates the impact of its marketing actions on the … Read more

Nonprofit Marketing

Nonobservation Error – A nonsampling error that arises because of nonresponse from some elements designated for inclusion in the sample. Nonprice Competition – The act of vying for sales through better products, promotion, service, and convenience with only minor emphasis on price. Nonprobability Sample – A sample that relies on personal judgment somewhere in the … Read more

Niche Strategy

News Clip – A type of film presentation in which editorial content is controlled by the sponsor. It is provided to broadcast media for their use as deemed appropriate. News Peg – The main point of the news release that justifies the value of using the story to the media. A news peg should indicate … Read more


Nested Logit Model – A probabilistic model for representing the discrete choice/behavior of individuals. On any choice occasion the individual is assumed to behave as though choice alternatives were considered in a hierarchical manner. At each stage of the hierarchy the choice to eliminate a set of items from consideration is made according to the … Read more

National Brand

Multiple-Unit Packaging – 1. (retailing definition) The combination of several like products as a unit of one, involving at least a slightly different markup than is obtained when the items are sold separately. 2. (pricing definition) The practice of pricing several items as a dingle unit. Multiple-Zone Pricing System – In a multiple-zone pricing system, … Read more


Monopoly – 1. (environments definition) A market situation where one firm markets all the goods and services and can influence price. 2. (economic definition) The complete control of an economic good for which there is no substitute. Monopsony – A single buyer with monopoly buying power. Mood – An emotional state at a particular time. … Read more

Method Variance

Merchant – A business unit that buys, take title to and resells merchandise. Merchant Middleman – A middleman who buys the goods outright and takes title to them. Merchant Wholesalers – The wholesalers who take title to the products they sell. Mere Exposure Effect – The repeated exposure to an object resulting in a more … Read more