Media Model – A mathematical formula (or computer algorithm) used in combination with audience data from a specific media vehicles to estimate the reach, frequency, and exposure distribution of alternative media schedules. Media Planning – The advertising agency function that involves the determination of advertising objectives, advertising strategies, and advertising tactics relating to the advertising … Read more Mercantilism

Master Carton

Mark up Table – A tabulation giving markup percentage on cost price with the corresponding markup percentage on retail price. Master Carton – A container that ids used primarily to protective purpose in transportation and warehousing. It contains multiple, usually identical, products that may be individually packaged for resale. Master Production Schedule – A detailed … Read more Master Carton

Market Share

Market Share – (geography definition) A proportion of total sales in a market obtained by a given facility or chain. 2. (strategic marketing definition) The proportion of the total quantity or dollar sales in a market that is held by each of the competitors. The market can be defined as broadly as the industry, or … Read more Market Share

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