Accredited List

Account Group – The members of the various advertising agency functional departments (such as account management, creative, media planning, research, traffic, etc.) who are assigned to work on an ongoing basis on the projects related to a particular agency client.

Account Opener– The gift offered by a bank or savings and loan association to a depositor opening a new account or adding a specified minimum amount to an existing account. See: Direct Premium.  (2) A premium or special promotion item offered to induce the opening of new account, especially in financial institutions and stores operating on an installment-credit plan basis.

Account Supervisor– Same as: Account Executive

Accredited List– A list of persons to whom a public warehouseman may issue of merchandise stored without the specific authority in each instance by the owner of the merchandise.

Acculturation – 1. (consumer behavior definition) The learning of the behaviors and mores of a culture other than the one in which the individual was raised. For example, acculturation is the process by which a recent immigrant to the U.S. learns the American way of life. 2. (consumer behavior definition) The process by which the people in one culture or subculture learn to understand and adapt to norms, values, lifestyles, and behaviors of people in another culture or subculture.

Accumulation: (1) Same as: Assembly (2) Buying of contracts on a commodity exchange by traders who expect to hold the contracts for a fairly extended period. (3) A sorting process that brings similar stocks from a number of sources together into a larger homogenous supply.

Accuracy – See: Standard Error of Estimate

Accuracy in Sampling– Same as Sampling Accuracy

Achievement Motivation– See: Theory of Achievement Motivation

Achievement Need– One of the Trio in Needs. The drive for personal accomplishment as an end in itself. Individuals in whom this is high tend to exhibit confidence, enjoyment of risk-taking, willingness to do research. Se: Egoistic Needs, Psychographics, Social Needs

ACI – Abbreviation for: Automatic Car Identification,a system using optical light to receive, translate, and store freight car movement data from color-coded bars on the side of passing freight cars. Can scan cars passing at speeds up to 80 miles per hour. Data can be called for and utilized by a computer to report car movements. Has resulted in much greater freight car utilization. See: Compass, TPC, Train, Umler.

ACM– (1) Abbreviation for: Andean Common Market (2) Abbreviation for: Association of Commuting Machinery, an organization of professionals in computing sciences, founded in 1947 to advance the professional stature of its members. It publishes a number of special interest journals, and since 1973 has been a member of the other computer- related societies that formed the Institute for certification of Computer Professionals, a coordinating body for certifying the professional qualifications of practitioners in the information processing disciplines.

ACME– Acronym for: Association of Consulting Management Engineers, with membership consisting of highly selected professional consulting firms engaged in public practice of management counsel. Its main purpose is to further universally the highest standards of professional performance. It issues a variety of books and studies, and engages in numerous educational and informational activities.

ACME Decisions– As referred to by professional sales trainers, the planning decisions about aim, content,method, execution and evaluation of a sales training program.

Acquired Needs – Same as: Secondary Needs

Acquisition – (1) the process by which the whole or a part of a company becomes a part of another company. The acquiring by one firm of another firs technology (process, facility, or material), product rights (trademarks), or entire businesses in order to increase its total sales. The acquisition may be related to the firm’s current business (e.g. the acquisition of a competitor, a supplier, or a buyer) or may be unrelated( e.g. the acquisition of an entirely different business). Acquisition is a method of expanding one’s product offering by means other than internal development. Any combination that forms one company from two or more previously existing companies is known as merger. (2) Purchase by a firm of required items or materials. The acquiring by one firm of another technology (process, facility, or material), product rights trademark), or entire businesses in order to increase its total sales. The acquisition maybe related to the firm’s current business (e.g. the acquisition of a competitor, a supplier or a buyer) or may be unrelated (e.g., the acquisition of an entirely new business.


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