Advertising Age

Admap -Monthly British magazine, published by Admap Publication 944 Earlham St., London WC2H 9LA). Founded in 1964 “to be the forum for the best thinking in advertising and marketing theory and practice, for decision makers in advertising and those who aid them in making their decisions.”

Advertising Age – American trade journal; frequently abbreviated as Ad Age. It is aimed more at current news than at background information. It appears weekly and is published by Crain Communication (740 North Rush Street, Chicago 60611, U.S.A.). The journal describe itself as “the international newspaper of marketing.”

Beliefs – The belief the consumer has in a product or brand. This belief can be based on experience, advertising, or information obtained through social contacts. Beliefs can be both negative and positive, (completely) true or (completely) false.

British Journal of Marketing – Marketing trade publication from the University of Bradford.

Campaign – British weekly magazine published for the advertising industry by Haymarket Publishing (22 Lancaster Gate, London W2)

Common Sense – A logical and sensible approach to the many challenges in life and work. The use of common sense in daily life. With the help of common sense, many marketing (research) problems can be solved.

Direct Marketing – Monthly magazine published by Hoke Communications (224 Seventh St., Garden City, N.Y. 11530, U.S.A.). It describe itself as a “ forum devoted to business communication in selected markets.”

Efficiency – Relation between result and energy spent. The minimum time or energy that is invested on a specific maximum achievement. It concerns an optimal point with regard to relation between time or energy and result. Less time would produce a lesser result.

Focus – “ Advertising Age Spotlight on Pan European Marketing.” Monthly magazine published by Crain Communications (20-22 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4EB, England).

Harvard Business Review – American management journal with strong intellectual approach. The name is usually abbreviated to HBR. It appears bimonthly and is published by the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration in Boston.

International Journal Forecasting – Official publication of the International Institute of Forecasters, coveringall aspects of forecasting. “Its objectives are to unify the field and to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The intention is to make forecasting useful and relevant for decision and policy makers who regularly need to make predictions. It places strong emphasis on empiricall studies, evaluation activities, implementation research and ways of improving the practice of forecasting.” This journal is published four times a year by Elsiever Science Publishers in Amsterdan (P.O. Box 1991, 1000 BZ Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing – A quarterly magazine published by Grayson Assocs. (108 Loma Media Road, Sta. Barbara, CA 93103, U.S.A.). The journal’s goal is to provide useful materials for those engaged in marketing to business and other industrial organization.

Journal of Consumer Marketing – A quarterly magazine published by Grayson Assocs. ((108 Loma Media Road, Sta. Barbara, CA 93103, U.S.A.) with the objective “of providing practitioners of marketing with new ideas that will be applicable to their daily work.”

Journal of Marketing Research – American trade journal with scientific bent. It appears quarterly and is publicized by the American Marketing Research Association in Chicago.

Journal of Retailing – Trade publication published quarterly by New York University.

The Marketer – Journal published by the Marketing Association of Canada

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