Buyer Behavior

Business Service –  the intangible product 9service), such as banking and maintenance, that is purchased by organizations that produce other products. It is a type of industrial product. Business-to-Business Advertising – An area of advertising for products, services, resources, materials and supplies purchased and used by business. This area includes: 1. industrial advertising which involves … Read more

Business Cycle

Bribe – A payment made to buyers to influence their purchase decisions. Bridal Registry – In retailing, a system which provides for the listing of the bride-to-be’s selection of china, linens, and other patterns, and maintains a record of what has already been purchased as gifts so the duplication can be avoided. The store favored … Read more

Brand Image

Bounce Back Offer – A coupon or other selling device included in a customer ordered product, premium, refund, or other package that attempts to sell more of the same or another product to the recipient. Boundary Spanning – A concept describing job tasks or responsibilities beyond the traditional managerial area. Boundary spanning can be internal … Read more

Blind Ad

B/L – Abbreviation for: Bill of Lading, a document issued by a carrier to a shipper as a receipt and a contract governing the transportation and delivery goods. If made negotiable, the original carries a title to the goods. Distinguish from: Waybill Black Box – Any generally mysterious instrument used in the decision-making process, such … Read more

Bid Peddling

Belief – 1. (consumer behavior definition) A cognition or cognitive organization about some aspect of the individual’s world. Unlike an attitude, a belief is always emotionally or motivationally neutral. 2.  Very basic ideas about the central values of life, such as morality, to which a person adheres generally out of pure faith or intuition. See: … Read more

Basic Stock

Basement Store – Originally in the basement of a Department Store, to which bargain merchandise was consigned, the concept has grown to mean any part of the store which specializes in merchandise priced to go easy on the average Consumer’s budget. Sometimes called budget store or budget departments. See: Automatic Basement Base Period – A … Read more