Five interesting conversion mistakes

      Five interesting conversion mistakes we’ve made and seen How many similarly foolish mistakes are you making with your website? This article is based on the webinar we co-presented with Rand Fishkin from Moz. Rand’s section of the talk has been moved into a separate article, “Does CRO mess up SEO? Or vice … Read more

Decision Model

Affect – An indefinite term of various meanings – feeling, mood, emotion. Association – Literally: conjunction, connection, combination,. Indefinite term often used to indicate the relation or connection between two or more phenomena, objects or elements. Behavior – A key concept in psychology: it pertains to all activities of the human organism in terms of … Read more

SEO Company Service

Are you on your search for SEO Services? You found us! We have the expertise and the experience! Our SEO Services are designed to help your website to generate traffic, increase visibility, and increase sales. We believe that SEO is a form of inexpensive advertising and marketing. Both are essential component in business. So is … Read more

Secondary vs Primary Data

Primary data is the data that you collect yourself. This is the most expensive data. Secondary data is that which is collected by other people. Sources of secondary data may be, industry associations, specialty companies who sell the data, like marketing companies and others. Secondary data is almost always cheaper to purchase. By gathering primary … Read more

What is Marketing Research ?

Marketing is information about the customer or consumer, or visitor or prospect. It’s the information about the person you are selling to or want to sell to. The research portion is the data collection, the analysis and reporting of the information. It’s that simple. Market research is gathering information about the people who are selling … Read more

Marketing = Customer Relationships

What people want to today is relationships. Almost every city at one time or another had a discount appliance store. Today they’re gone. Circuit City is gone. Best Buy is on its way out. Borders Books is gone, JCPenney is on the ropes, Sears/Kmart is struggling to hang on. The one thing all of the stores have … Read more

Five Steps to Outsourcing Success

Step number one. Go slow. Realize that outsourcing is a long term project. It needs very careful planning. Very often, because of financial pressures people are in a hurry to outsource their product or services. But the longer range programs, reduce the risk of failure. The more time spent planning and research, the higher the … Read more

Pros Cons of an Outsourced Website

What are the pros/cons of building a website in-house as compared to outsourcing it? There are many people making assumptions about website development, that may not be valid. We don’t know the location of the questioner. If I assume that they are in Silicon Valley, and we are comparing that against outsourcing to India, or … Read more

What is a SEO company

SEO company is a broad term that covers many areas. SEO companies are often considered unethical or shady. The reason for this is methods that some people have used over the years are unethical. The broad definition, is that SEO is: A way to get more traffic to the website. This is what most people … Read more

Firm Internet Marketing

What Makes A Good Attorney Website 1) If people Google your name, they should be able to find it easily. The name of the firm should be at the top of the results. All the partners should come up at the top of the results if their names are googled as well. 2) You want … Read more