Blind Ad

Biogenic Needs – Same as: Primary Needs

Bipolar Adjectives – The pair of adjectives that define the opposite ends of the variations in an attitude.                                             See: Semantic Differential Scale

Bird Dog – An individual used by a salesperson to point to prospects. Usually someone in a position to know as quickly as anyone about prospect’s requirements. The salesperson has some arrangement agreed about the reward for good information. Not as common as in the past because in many lines of business it is considered unethical to give out pertinent information.

Birdieback – Same as Piggyback except that planes are used rather than trains. See: Fishyback

Birth Rate – Defined b the Bureau of the Census as the total number of births during specified period of time per 1,000 persons in the population. See: Crude Birthrate

Bit – A single character in Binary Number. Modern computers can store millions of memory bits. One must bear in mind that these enter the computer’s memory as inputs gathered and fed in by the user of the computer, a painstaking and laborious process. No computer comes with these self-contained, only with the capability of accepting and retaining a certain large number of them for use as directed by the computer’s user. Derived from the words binary number and digit.

Bit Rate – In ADP, the speed at which Bits are transmitted, usually expressed in bits-per-second.

B/L – Abbreviation for: Bill of Lading, a document issued by a carrier to a shipper as a receipt and a contract governing the transportation and delivery goods. If made negotiable, the original carries a title to the goods. Distinguish from: Waybill

Black Box – Any generally mysterious instrument used in the decision-making process, such as an executive’s mind. The business world is constantly probing such units in an attempt to discover the laws or principles which make them effective.

Black Light – Ultra Violet lightning that causes phosphorescent paints to glow.

Blank Dummy – A full-size, practical mock-up model of a display, without lettering or art.

Blanket Brand -Same as: Family Brand

Blanket Order – A buying agreement to acquire a certain proportion of requirements for repetitive items from one supplier during a given, usually one year. The terms negotiated will hold for the period. Same as: Open-End Order, Yearly Order See: System Contracting

Blanket Pricing Agreement – A purchasing agreement whereby the buyer’s orders for anticipated time period requirements are placed in advance, the seller agreeing to make shipments as wanted at the contract price through out the contracts duration. See: Blanket Order, Incremental Pricing Agreement

Blanket Rate – A common transportation rate covering a large geographic area. Same as: Group Rate

Blanking – A white paper border surrounding the area of a poster devoted to copy. Sets off the poster design within the poster molding

Bleed – (1) Extending an illustration to one or more edges of a printed page, leaving no margin. Designated as one-,two-, three-, and four-side bleed. (2) Running the design on a poster panel right to the molding without any blanking at top or sides. (3) Unwanted wandering of camera image into wrong area.

Blind Ad – A want ad in which only the job is listed and the identity of the employer is concealed by using a box number for replies, either at the newspaper or at the post office. See: Open Ad

Blind Bidding – A practice in the motion-picture industry in which theaters must bid competitively for films that are not yet completed. May be in opposition to our Anti-Trust Laws. See: Block Bidding, Product Splitting

Blind Check – A system for checking quantities of incoming goods by having the receiving clerk fill in the number received on a form which then goes to the accounting department for comparison with the invoice.

Blind Items – Mainly unusual items which can carry a higher-than- normal Margin because of special and only occasional appeal to customers who are more interested in filling their requirements than they are in price.

Blind Products – Same as: Blind Items

Blister Pack – A way of packaging in which a preformed hollow of plastic holds merchandise to a card. Used mainly for relatively small items. Same as: Bubble Card

Block – (1) A wood or other material base on which a plate is mounted to make it the same height as the type used. (2) In Broadcast Media, the same period from day to day, or a group of consecutive time periods.

Block Bidding – A practice in the motion-picture industry in which theaters must take films of little popularity in order to get hits. Suspect under our Anti-Trust Laws. See: Blind Bidding, product Splitting

Block Booking – A practice in the film distribution Industry whereby theaters are forced to accept less popular films in order to get more popular or hit films.

Block Programming – An attempt by a TV station to hold an audience during an entire evening by starting out with the top show and following it with similar type of programs.

Blow-up – A greatly enlarged reproduction of printed matter, a drawing, or a photograph.

Blue Sky– term often applied to designs or thinking that is so extreme that the boundaries of possibility seem to have exceeded.

Boards – A colloquial umbrella term which includes posters and painted bulletin

Body Copy – The main portions of verbal matter in an advertisement, as distinct from headlines, subheadlines, etc.

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