Bottom Up Technique

Body Type – The kind of type ordinarily used for reading matter, as distinguished form display type which is used for headlines.

Bogus Work – The work done as required by some union contracts in which compositors reset advertisements for which the publication has received Mats or Plates. The reset material is not used for printing.

Boiler Plate – Pages in Stereotype, sometimes including news and advertisements, supplied to small weeklies by news syndicates to help cut the cost of composition.

Boldface Type – A type face which prints so that it stands out prominently. Generally has thicker lines than that usually found in the body of copy. In contrast to: Lightface Type

Bolt – A roll of cloth. A usual unit in which cloth is sold, it consists of a stated number of yards of a given width. The number of yards is fairly standard for cloth of a particular type.

BOM – Abbreviation for: Beginning-of-the month See: Basic Stock Method

BOM Inventory – Inventory counted at the beginning of the month. See: Basic Stock Method, EOM Inventory

Bona Fide – A latin phase meaning “in or with good faith”

Bonded Warehouse – A warehouse under bond to the U.S. Treasury Department, permitted to store goods on which a tax must be paid before they can be sold. See: Public Warehouse

Booking – (1) Orders for merchandise accepted on hand as at a given time. See: Backlog (2) The act of taking (accepting) an order for goods to be shipped,

Book Inventory – When a Perpetual Inventory System is in use, the amount of a particular item which should be on hand according to the record at a certain time. The amount by which the actual count is less than the book inventory is called the shortage; the amount by which the actual count is called the overage.

Booklet – A leaflet expanded to several pages. It allows for much more extensive treatment of a product or institution story than the leaflet, and usually bound in some way. May be made very impressive. See: Brochure

Boomerang Technique – A salesmanship technique used in dealing with objections. The salesperson uses the Prospect’s statements of reasons for not buying as the basis of the very reason for buying. Also called: Conversion Process

Booster – A colloquialism for a professional shoplifter

Borax Goods -Shoddy merchandise made as poorly that price appeal may be determining factor inducing purchase.

Border – A line or elaborate design that surrounds an advertisement. Sometimes verbal material such as the firm’s name or slogan is repeated.

Bottle Collar – a cardboard display designed to fit around the neck of a bottle to carry an advertising message.

Bottle Glorifier -A display designed to fit on a bottle, or to serve as a background for a bottle with a cutout area or recess to hold the bottle in place.

Bottle Topper – Essentially the same as: Bottle Collar

Bottom Management – Essentially equivalent to the sum of the supervisory positions in the lower Echelons of the firm. See: Middle Management, Top Management

Bottom-Up Approach – Same as: Assortment Plan See: Balanced Stock

Bottom Up Technique – A budgeting technique in retailing in which the budgeter starts with an estimate of the spending required to supply each Classification, finally arriving at a total for the department, and ultimately for the firm. See: Open-to-Buy, Top Down Technique

Bounce Back – An additional offer sent with Self-liquidator. Sometimes several related items are offered. May be effective for increasing total sales.

Boutique – (1) A small shop, whether independent or a special area within a larger store. Recently used to designate one rather specialized in some way, such as high fashion or mod. (2) A relatively new development in the advertising field, it is a small, independent Advertising Agency which specializes in only one aspect of advertising, such as Media purchasing, usually on a fee basis.

Box – A printed message, or a portion thereof, set off from the rest of the copy by a border.

Box Store – Same as: Warehouse Store

Box-Top Offer – An offer of a Premium which requires the return of the package top or a portion of it as proof of purchase.

BPA – Abbreviation for: Business Publication Audit Of Circulation, an auditing circulation for business

Branch House – Same as: Manufacturer’s Sales Branch

Branch Office – See: Manufacturer’s Sales Branch, Manufacturer’s Sales Office

Branch Store – An arm of a Central Business District store extended into another area of the market.

Brand – A word, mark, symbol, device, or a combination of these used to identify some product or service. See: Barnacle Brand, Family Brand

Brand Consciousness – The degree of awareness that consumers or industrial users have of a particular brand. See: Brand Image, Brand Insistence, Brand Loyalty

Brand Extension – A competitive Tactic which involves applying a market-accepted brand to other company products provided doing so will not confuse existing customers or tend to lessen the original image of product or brand. Often most effective in conjunction with other tactics. See: Blanket Brand

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