Call Purchase

Cadre – A salesperson who receives a relatively large amount of latitude, support, and attention from his or her sales manager. Cadres receive special treatment from their managers from their managers because they are perceived to be particularly competent, motivated, trustworthy. In return for the special treatment, cadres are expected to perform assignments that are outside the formal job description. Cadres are the opposite of hired hand salespeople.

Call Frequency – The number of sales calls per time period made on a particular customer. Comment: The call frequencies assigned to customer are used by sales people to plan their own route and sales call schedules.

Call Option – In foreign currency market, a call option gives the buyer of the call the right, but not the obligation, to buy the foreign currency up to the call’s expiration date.

CALLPLAN – A decision calculus model providing a decision support system for determining the amount of time that a salesperson should spend with current customers and sales prospects. The model’s parameters are calculated using subjective responses to a series of point estimate questions concerning the likely impact of various numbers of customer visits on sale from each customer (Lodish 1971) Evidence regarding the model’s effectiveness has been reported by Fudge and Lodish.

Call Purchase – A purchase of the commodity of a specified quality under a contract providing for the seller to choose a day in the future on which the price in the contract will be fixed on the basis of a stipulated number of points above or below the price of a designated future on that chosen day. Same as: Seller’ Call See: Call Sale

Call Report – A salesperson’s report to a supervisor of calls made to prospects or customers during a given time or in a specific Market. A recent study indicates that although over half of the sales managers responding used call reports and were reasonably well satisfied that they were receiving useful data, the indicated areas of importance were very diverse. Inspired by data collecting methods some consider superior to call reports, which now take between 10 and 20 hours of a salesperson’s time per week to complete, a considerable amount of debate is emerging as to reality of the values to be derived from the call report in comparison to benefits from other uses of salespersons’ time and from better morale.

Call Sale – A sale of a commodity of specified quality under a contract providing for the buyer to choose a day in the future on which the price in the contract will be fixed on the basis of a stipulated number of Points above or below the price of a designated Future on that chosen day.  Same As: Buyer’s Call See: Call Purchase

Call System – A method used in retailing areas where the salesperson’s compensation is based at least in some measure on the amount of business he completes. Each Salespersons is given an equal chance to wait on prospects or customers. Very frequently used for major appliances, furniture, cars.

Camera Ready – Copy that is prepared so that without further processing it can be used to create plates needed for Offset printing. Abbreviated: CR

Campaign – Same as: Advertising Campaign

Campaign Plan – A series of mailings of a variety of pieces over a period of weeks, all designed to arouse interest in a coming event, such as the opening of a new facility or the introduction of an innovation. This type of plan ends with a final mailing presenting the announcement for which interest and curiosity have been built. Plans of this sort must be of duration not so long as to create boredom, since that would negate the intent of creating suspense. Sometimes called, as applicable, a “Teaser Campaign.” See: Direct Mail Advertising

Canalization – In selling, the building by a salesperson or advertiser on some association, fear, or bit of information possessed by a prospect or customer and thereby bringing about a dramatic behavior change.


Canned Presentation – A sales talk to be memorized and rehearsed for presentation word for word exactly as written. Especially useful where many prospects must be approached under similar circumstances, such as house-to-house selling. See: Variable Presentation

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