Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – The intelligence exhibited by a programmed computer. The computer is employed to simulate human intelligence, human thinking processes. Examples: the computer that play chess, the computer guidance of aircraft. See also: Simulation of thinking Computer – Complex electronic calculator. Used in marketing research for data processing. In psychology the computer is employed similarly … Read more Artificial Intelligence


Median Test – Ordinal test that rejects the hypothesis of the equality of two populations (one sided) in the event that there are too few observations of a sample that is greater or smaller than the median of the samples combined. See also: Median/Hypothesis/Statistical Test N – Statistical symbol for the size of the population … Read more Nomogram

Descriptive Statistics

Correlation Matrix – A square in which all correlation-coefficients of a study are located. All quantified variables are correlated to one another. The purpose is to discover unanticipated, hidden relations. Many such correlation-coefficient are irrelevant, nonsense, or involve pseudo-relations. For example: frequency with soup is purchased as related to shoe size in a sample of housewife. … Read more Descriptive Statistics


Point Cloud – The correlation of points in a scatter diagram. See also: Scatter diagram Profile – Graphic representation of research results in which the objective is to show clearly the differences between elements or parts. Profile Score – The individual score in a profile. See also: Profile Quadrant – Square. Statistical data are often displayed by … Read more Trend

Curvilinear Relation

Poisson Distribution – A special instance of a binomial distribution, in which the probability for a specific event is extremely small (for example: an accident). See also: Binomial distribution Probability Distribution – A distribution that expresses the probability of value X as a function of X. See also: Binomial distribution Sample distribution – Syn: Sampling distribution … Read more Curvilinear Relation

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