Market Segment

Fun Shopping – Syn: Recreational Shopping Shopping as a form of recreation. Often involves products for which the consumer needs more time to make a choice (e.g., furniture) or products involving status or personal appearance (e.g., clothing). Fun shopping is often combined with other activities such as visits to a theater or restaurant. Future Research … Read more


Market Share – Syn: Brand share/Penetration The current or future (desired) sales of a company ( or of one or more of its products or brands) in a particular locality, area, or country, divided by the total sales of all competitive comparison, products or brands. As the definition suggests, there are many different kinds of … Read more


Consumer Protection Groups – Syn: Consumer unions/Consumer councils See: Consumer unions Consumer Protection Legislation – Laws that have primary objectives of protecting consumers and buyers against among other things, misleading advertising and dangerous products and services. This legislation varies widely by country. See also: Consumer unions Consumer Unions – Syn: Consumer councils/Consumer protection groups Consumers … Read more

Consumer Protection

Brainstorming – Brainstorm: a sudden, often “unconnected” notion. Method of generating ideas in a group based upon unrestrained thinking and maximum use of imagination. Usually members of the group come up with as many ideas as possible by building on each others’ ideas. Afterwards a selection of what is useful is made. A brainstorming session … Read more

Advertising Age

Admap -Monthly British magazine, published by Admap Publication 944 Earlham St., London WC2H 9LA). Founded in 1964 “to be the forum for the best thinking in advertising and marketing theory and practice, for decision makers in advertising and those who aid them in making their decisions.” Advertising Age – American trade journal; frequently abbreviated as … Read more