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Internet has changed over the years and many people have not kept up with the changes. One of the biggest changes is a CMS also known as a content management system. Today there are three CMS that make up 90% of the market. Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress. WordPress is by far away largest. Google is used by large corporations because it has many powerful plug-ins for high-volume websites.

WordPress is the easiest to use. It is free, and has many login features that are free.

The greatest benefit a WordPress is that the website owner can easily go in and add or change content on their websites. That means if they get an idea three o’clock the morning, they don’t have to contact the programmer or web developer, they just login and make their changes. It’s a very easy system to use. Most people can learn it in one or two days.

Because WordPress is so popular, the search engines know how to search through the WordPress data and organize it in their search engine result pages.

What Google and other search engines have said, is that they want to see more a more publish content. With the old style HTML websites this is more difficult and expensive. But with the new WordPress websites this becomes very easy to do.

Some people write their own articles, sometimes they contracted it out and sometimes both.

Here at Seo plan now we convert the old-style HTML websites to WordPress for people.    Here is the price structure:

  • Convert an HTML website with images                                                                                    399.00
  • Install and configure SEO plug-ins, configure each page                                                  199.00
  • Set up website for mobile devices, iPad, iPhone, android and more                           499.00
  • Premium web hosting for one year, providing very fast page load speeds              149.00
  • set up all Google analytics, webmaster tools, local profiles                                            129.00


additional services can be provided as needed


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