Council of the Americans – A business association of over 200 companies, representing about 85% of United States private investment in Latin America, organized to monitor, advise, and create liaison with the economic climate in Latin America as it develops.

Count and Recount – A procedure used to determined by simple arithmetic.

Counter Ad Plan – The requirement that an advertiser found to have run misleading advertisements place a percent of the amount of space in the same media as advertisements correcting the misleading ones. The FTC is urging this practice on the FCC, but is itself involved in several instances on its own. Much controversy can be seen regarding the efficacy of this policy in limiting or eliminating false or misleading advertising. It is too soon to make an evaluation, although to summer of 1972 the FTC had been successful in obtaining a number of consent orders and some corrective advertising had been placed.

Counter Advertising – The advertising done by groups in the public interest to persuade against the use of products the groups deem harmful. The FTC seems to consider this activity quite benignly.

Counter Card – Pop material equipped with an easel on the back, intended for standing on a counter or near product on a shelf.

Counter- Cyclical Advertising – Planning the advertising program so that the bulk of advertisements are run during periods when sales do not normally occur, and little is run during normally large volume periods.

Counter Purchase – (1) A CT transaction in which the Eastern deliveries of goods are ordinarily non-resultant products, that is, they are not derived from or related to the Western technology or goods in the transaction. See: FTO (2) In international trade, an agreement involving two contracts:one by which the seller agrees to deliver a product for cash at a set of price, the other by which the original seller agrees to buy goods from the buyer for a duplicate or fixed percent amount of the original sale.
See: Buy-Back, Compensation Deal

Countertrade – Same as: CT

Countervailing Duty – An import duty by one country designed to offset an export subsidy by another country.

Countervailing Power – The balancing of one economic group having market power with another group having about the same market power, as with oligoposonistic buyers and oligopolistic sellers in the same market.

Counter Club Billing – Sometimes used to describe the practice of enclosing all sales checks for the month with the monthly statement.

Country Elevator – An elevator established in a local market.

County and City Data Book – Published biennially by the Bureau of the Census, this contains by city and county statistics gathered from the various Censuses.

County Business Patterns – An annual publication issued jointly by the Department of Commerce and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. (now split into the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services). Its analysis of business within counties by number, type, employment, and payroll provides data frequently useful in industrial market potential decisions.

Coupon – A certificate that carries an offer of a cash reduction in the price of an item in a retail store. Provides a reward to the store for the service of handling.
See: Couponing, Cross-Couponing

Couponing – A way of offering consumers a special, temporary price reduction on an item without actually changing the regular market price. A coupon good for a specified cents off on the purchase of a product is mailed to the consumer, placed in the package of another product, or published in advertisements in print media. Its promotional value is determined by its ability to induce consumers to purchase the product. This, in turn, is dependent upon the correctness of judgment which established the cents off.

Coupon Pad – Essentially the same as: Take-ones, but usually attached to a card which can hung on a wall or stood on a counter.

Coupon Plan – Continuous offering of a variety of premiums for coupons, labels, or other token from merchandise.

Court of Arbitration – An organ of the ICC, it provides a means of settling disputes between parties to international contracts. Under the rules established and agreed to by contract clause, the court has since 1924 handled an ever-increasing number of cases, many involving governments.

Covariance – The measure of the expected degree of association between two sets of variables. Frequently the subject of marketing research to determine the subset of interdependent products that will maximize expected return at a given risk or will minimize expected risk for a given return.

Cover – The first cover of a publication is the front cover. The second cover is the inside cover of the front cover. The third cover is the inside of the back cover. The fourth cover is the outside of the back cover. Cover positions usually are charged for at extra rates because they are considered preferred positions.

Coverage – (1) The number of Households or individuals who are exposed to a specific advertising medium in a given area. (2) The sum of the total circulations of all the different media used.
See: Reach

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