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What Makes A Good Attorney Website

1) If people Google your name, they should be able to find it easily. The name of the firm should be at the top of the results. All the partners should come up at the top of the results if their names are googled as well.

2) You want to be able to build contact list from the website. You want to expand your contacts and relationships with people. This is the most important step in all Rainmaking. To do that, you need a reason for people to subscribe to an e-mail list. We have more on that in e-mail marketing.

Some experts proclaim the entire reason for the website, is to build an e-mail list. More advance marketers will have multiple e-mail lists. Different ones for different topics or interests. For instance, if you’re in the medical malpractice field, you may have to Lists. One for doctors and their interests. Another for hospitals and their interest.

3) A major goal website is to build your brand. Essentially what that means is, that you want to establish yourself as an expert or leader in the field. The website can give the firm and individual attorneys credibility and establish their authority in the field. By effectively using blog posts the attorneys become published. This brings credibility just as publishing a book would do. People can read the blogs and build confidence in the firm and individual attorneys.

4) A major problem in the world today with websites is trust. We want to establish a strong bond of trust as soon as possible. In the design of the website we want to include trust marks and do things that engender trust. Photos of the attorneys and office help build this trust. People do not want to do business with the law firm’s. They want to do business with people. It’s a relationship were trying to establish. Everything we do should be to build this bond of trust and relationship.

5)We want to remove or eliminate any fancy artwork that does not fit above parameters. Flash videos, stock photos, fancy logos do not accomplish our goals.

6) Why should people come to our website? They are seeking information. When the search on Google for information, and they click to come to the website, they’re expecting to get information. They want to learn about a topic. Sometimes, they don’t know specifically what they want. It’s important that we provide them quality information. So, when they read an article they learn something. We want articles with substance. This can be about case law on a particular topic, it can be about news events of topic, it can be about concerns in the industry about a topic.

7) We need to have meaningful analytics (statistically gathering programs) on the website. We have people who can monitor those statistics and recommend improvements to the website. Analytics are the feedback on the website. People are not going to call and say what a wonderful website you have. Analytics tell us what they like and what they don’t like. They tell us where they came from, how long they stayed, and where they went.

8). Navigation on the website is important. We want people to be able to see what else we have to offer when they come in on a search term. The easier the navigation, the more relevant the navigation is to searchers, the more time they’ll spend on the website. The more time they spend, the stronger the trust bond becomes.

9) A good call to action is important. Where it’s placed is important. There can be more than one. When people come to our website, what do we want them to do? That’s the call to action. Do we want them to subscribe to an e-mail list, ask a question, or whatever we want them to do. The call to action steers them along the path.

10) Differentiate or die. We will be different than the other websites. We want to be different than the competitors. We want to highlight or focus on our areas of expertise. People today want experts. They want people who are specialized in certain categories. So it’s good to pick and focus on those categories for the website. By surveying the competition we can see how to differentiate our law firm from the others. Sometimes we want to pick the most profitable areas. Sometimes we may want to pick a narrow specialty area in order to attract a specific group of people in a competitive marketplace. Using medical malpractice as an example, we may want to focus a section on birth anomalies and their legal impact. By creating many articles in this category, we establish ourselves as an expert in this area and in the medical malpractice area.

11) We want to identify what geographic areas we will work in. People want to know this early on.

12) Consistency is very important. We want to publish on a regular basis. Google is keeping track, and this keeps our website fresh. Once a week is a good schedule, once a month is a minimum. Many people start out strong in this area, and fade later. We have far too many hares have not enough tortoises. Consistency over a number of years pays dividends.

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