Google Ranking Explained

Video explaining Google ranking

People are talking about the Google Panda update. Because Panda has changed so many websites.
A top SEO expert in America estimates that 90% of all American websites have been affected by Panda.

What many people do not understand, is that Panda is the second part of the major change. The first part was the Caffeine Index.
The Caffeine Index allowed the free Google tools, Google Toolbar, Android, and the Chrome Browser, to directly interface with the index.
So, these free tools send information back to Google, and the index changes in almost real time. The Panda portion is actually over a longer time.

But, what this is allowed Google to do is monitor the activity of all websites. They know if someone comes to your website, how they arrived, how long they stay, what they did, what they clicked on.
Some of this information is revealed in the click through rate.

So, the days of fooling Google are over. Tricks don’t work anymore. Google knows what websites are good in the eyes of the visitor, and which ones the visitors do not like. Then, they adjust their rankings according to the feedback given by the visitor.

The solution is to make websites that visitors want to use. Google also has some more rules, but in general it means making great websites. Not 12 or 20 page websites.

We can show you what it takes to make your website great. We can show you how to rank number one with Google’s new changes.

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