Long Tail Keywords is a Way to Rank

Long Tail Keywords are one of the most important concepts for a website owner to understand. The following are the six key areas:

    • In virtually every market, there are far more niche goods than fat head(common search). And this trend is growing.
    • The cost of reaching those niches is now falling.  Because of Search, broadband penetration, online markets are reseting the economics of retail.    In many markets its now possible to offer a large variety of products and services.
    • More variety does not cause a shift in demand. Customers need a way to find niches. Recommendations and rankings are a great way to do this.
    • Once there is a large selection, the demand curve becomes flat and very wide.
    • All those niches add up. Although none sell in large numbers, there are so many that collectively they add up.
    • The shape of the long tail curve shows us that the market is diverse. As diverse as the the population.


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