Marketing = Customer Relationships

What people want to today is relationships. Almost every city at one time or another had a discount appliance store. Today they’re gone. Circuit City is gone. Best Buy is on its way out. Borders Books is gone, JCPenney is on the ropes, Sears/Kmart is struggling to hang on. The one thing all of the stores have in common is they’re living in the past. They think of the world as a transaction. If we have the best price, the top name brands, a good selection, people will buy from us. In the past that was true. But what people want today is a relationship with their suppliers.

When I login my account, there are recommendations for me, there are wish lists that I have started that I can browse. They’re all sorts of tools that help me in purchasing what I want to buy there. Reviews, choices, sometimes the choices are outside the Amazon network. But I have a relationship with Amazon. It’s not a one-time transaction. In fact the reason I buy books from Amazon, is because of their recommendations. They know what I’m interested in.

People want to reward companies that understand them and have products and services specifically for them.

When we design website, we have to design the content with the visitor in mind. Instead of just putting out content about us, our business, our products, we need to understand what people want. This is what marketing is all about. Find out what your visitors want, and provide that for them. Determine who your best prospects are, who your customers are, what they want, what they need and then provide that kind of content for them.

So, when they come to the website they see information specifically geared to their needs. They feel comfortable that the company understands their needs.

This is pull marketing. Where people are drawn to the website because of the content. As opposed to push marketing we’re telling the people how great we are with television ads, radio ads, print media and almost every other media. Often people transition this method to the website. The push marketing does not work very well. Pull marketing works very well.

Google understands this form of marketing. And they’ve decided to measure the websites quality based upon how the viewers respond on the website. If the visitors like the website and move around the website and spend time on it, then Google gives it high marks. If not, if they just common read an article and leave, Google gives it low ratings.

So, the challenge is to build the website that people want to use. Sometimes we know what people want. Other times we have to do market research to determine what they want. The most important thing is we have to focus on who it is we want service, and then provide content for them.

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