Marketing Plan for a Website

Why do we need a marketing plan? Why do we need a plan at all?

People often come to us with the website that has no plan. And they don’t understand why they don’t have much Google traffic.

When we ask them, who are their potential customers, they have indefinite answers.

Sometimes they say anybody between the ages of 18 and 70 who is hungry. That may be okay for McDonald’s, but that does not work very well for the Internet. The Internet is an area of specialization. People want to do business with specialty firms and not general firms. Google wants to provide traffic to experts, not generalists.

Ideally, market research should be done to determine who the potential clients are for the products and services. Once we determine that, then we need to do additional research to find out what these people really want. Often the things they want most are unknown to the website owners. They have a general idea of what they ASSUME people want. But, the more research we have about the specific wants and desires, the more successful the website can be. Then we could make a plan tailored to the wants and desires of the potential customers.

The term marketing, is a term that defines this research and a plan. Achieving goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions. 

If we don’t know specifically the wants and needs of our potential customers, were stabbing in the dark. And Google is not going to send much traffic for people who were stabbing in the dark.

Many website owners don’t even have goals. What’s the goal of your website? Well, we want to sell more golf clubs. That’s not a goal. That’s a dream. That’s a wish. But it’s not a goal.

We can’t have realistic goals, unless we’ve done some market research and have an idea of what people want or need. Then, we can develop a marketing plan that meets those wants and needs.

Often people just create a bunch of content, that they think people will like, maybe they like, and post it on their website. They do this in an attempt to attract more people to the website. But what type of people are they trying to attract? Are these the correct people we really want? Are they really are ideal customers?

This is why we need a marketing plan. The basis of the marketing plan is to determine who the potential clients are. Part of that process is really to pick the best clients. The best clients may be the most profitable ones. They may be the ones who are easiest to please. They may be the ones who are closest to us. The website owner has to set the criteria to determine who is the best.

If you are a business that wants to sell maternity clothes, you need to decide who your target market is. Younger Muslim women are going to have very different wants and needs than women from Southern California who read Cosmo. So, every website has to have a marketing plan.

Sooner or later, in order to be successful, you need a marketing plan.It’s best if we create the marketing plan before the website is even started. But that rarely happens. Normally it’s an afterthought because Google is not sending any traffic.

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