Outsourcing Asia VS Eastern Europe case studies

I am an American now living and working in Philippines, with children in the Asian schools. I can see the Asian model very clearly.

Eastern Europe has much better schools than Asia. They are built on the Russian model. If you want to learn about Asian schools, watch the movie The Three Idiots, it will give you a good understanding.

The Asian model is built upon obedience and conformity. That’s what is stressed at a very young age. Conformity is extremely important. People who do not fit into the social system are outcasts. That starts in childhood. Individual, creative thinking, critical thinking are not encouraged.

For repetitive tasks, the Asian model works much better. But for creative ideas, like software development or web programming, Eastern European workers do a much better job. The quality control is also much better.

So, for jobs like virtual assistance, call centers, e-mail replies,  and other simplistic tasks, the Asian model works much better. They are less likely to become bored.
There are different levels in the Asian market place. China and India have the cheapest labor. But they are also the most difficult to work with. They require specific precise instructions, constant monitoring, and often work redo. Quality control of the work produced by these two, in general is poor. Some large corporations have overcome this with quality control department’s. So some customers never see those problems.

Many small business people do not work with large corporations. So, this article is targeted for the small business owner. Remember that in these Asian countries, the top employees all strive to work for big corporations with benefits and high pay.

So, if you’re looking at a freelancer from India or China, be aware that there are many problems associated that work. Make sure you have a very long time line.

Other countries like the Philippines are rapidly expanding because they offer better quality control. The Philippines is unique in that. They are trying to model their culture after America.
The people recognize cultural icons from America, famous sports celebrities, and music. Because they are aligned so closely with America, they are the ideal choice for many business process operations, like call centers.

The creative work like computer programming, still needs to be tightly supervised. More complicated work like modifying a WordPress theme, would be much better done by Eastern Europe. They can work faster, with higher quality control. They also understand first world quality control standards.

Many people are looking for case studies of successful outsourcing operations on the Internet. The fact is that very few exist. And the reason is, this is a secretive business. Most of the clients want privacy. They don’t want people to know how successful they are at outsourcing. This may cause a problem with their stockholders, customers, vendors and competitors. There are many success stories. The fact that matter is – outsourcing is reality in 2012. But there are very few people who are going to report their success.

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