Public Relations

Jingle – Syn: Tune 1. Music and text combined in a commercial generally sung, and possessing an attractive rhythm. 2. Commercial that is completely musical 3. Tune that, for years after a commercial has been shown, is still associated with it. See also: Commercial

Logo – The name, abbreviation, initials or symbol of an enterprise or organization shown in a stylish graphic form. In general, a combination of letters and artwork. Primary objective is to facilitate recognition. The logo is used in most if not all of a company’s printed communications (letterheads, advertisements, etc.)

P.R. – Abbreviation of public relations See: public relations

Propaganda – The dissemination of information designed to further one’s cause or damage another’s cause. It might be information about a political party and its belief, the Red Cross, a local theater group, etc. By means of mass communication techniques one tries to influence te attitudes and ideas of others. This term possesses unpleasant associations 9propaganda in dictatorships, Goebbels, war etc.).
See also: Mass Communication/Attitude

Public Affairs – Syn: Public relations See: Public relations

Public relations – Syn: Public affairs Often abbreviated to p.r. Primary objective is the creation of a good company/organizational/product image in external and sometimes internal interest groups by means generally information dissemination to the media. See also: Mass communication

Radio Advertising – All advertising that an advertiser sends out via a radio station.

Radio commercial – The commercial that an advertiser sends out via a radio station. See also: Commercial

Spot – Syn: Commercial See: Commercial

Subliminal Advertising – The introduction into an advertising film of images that are not strong or clear enough to be consciously appreciated but nevertheless are observed subconsciously. This form of advertising is illegal. However, it is not clear to what extent effective use of technique exists. See also: Subliminal perception

T-reaction – Syn: T-response T is an abbreviation for target. The T-response is a desired target reaction to a commercial or advertising message.

T-response – Syn: T-reaction See: T-reaction

Television Advertising – Advertising that an advertiser sends via a television station (mostly commercials).

Tune – Syn: Jingle See: Jingle

U.S.P. – Abbreviation for unique selling proposition or unique selling point See: Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point – Syn; Unique selling proposition See: Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling Proposition – Syn: Unique Selling Point Generally abbreviated to U.S.P.A. Product plus that is decisive for the consumer in his choice of product or brand and which plays an important role in advertising and promotion of the product. See also: Product Benefit

Wear-out – The process by which a commercial’s effectiveness decline with time and frequency of use. A commercial loses its power and is worn out. There are three aspects:
1. The capacity to win the observer’s attention decline.
2. There is no effective (desired) communication made.
3. The observer’s behavior is not further changed.
The phenomenon of wear-out lies lose to the working of advertising in its broadcast sense.
See also: Advertising Effect

Weighted Reach – The weighted sum of the number of people reached by a specific medium or a particular advertisement within a medium. For example, if the population is 300,000 and one third is weighted 1, one third 0.75, and one third ).5, the weighted reach is (1 x 100,000) + (0.75 x 100,000) + (0.5 x 100,000)= 225,000. See also: reach/Weighting

Actual Reach – The number of people that in the installment period of magazine are actually exposed to an edition of the medium. This concept is important for the phasing and timing of advertising.
See also: Reach

Block – The radio and television advertising times that are intended for the emission of commercials. The duration and frequency of advertising blocks vary by country, radio or television station, time of day; they are frequently set down in legislation. See also: Commercial

Block Reach – The number of persons that are exposed to a particular advertising block See also: Block

Column – 1) Printing media – A vertical separation of text on a page of a magazine or newspaper.
2) Statistics – A vertical tabulation of facts (figures, people, objects) on a table. The horizontal tabulation is called a line or row. ( All tables have rows and columns). See also: Cross table

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