Research as a Marketing Strategy

Several things are needed for a successful website. One form of strategy is research.
Here is a basic overview of how research can form the basis of the website.

1) Determine the goals of the website. This is not as obvious as it looks. Often the goals of the website change. As the market conditions change, or the business change, the website needs to reflect that.

2) Decide which products goods or services best lead to these goals. Sometimes a unique or low-priced item is the best to lead in the website display.

3) Decide the minimum market share that is needed need in these products to produce satisfactory profit and return on investment. Sometimes a small amount of a very large market can be enough to produce a good return on investment. But we need to look and see if we can realistically generate the traffic to support this minimum market share.

4) Determine a pricing strategy that would best lead to this profit and return on investment. There are many different choices in a pricing strategy. A pricing strategy may make or break a company on Internet marketing. If were providing software, and our prices $24 per month, and our competition offers free services for under 10 users, then we need to carefully consider our pricing strategy.

5) Forecast probable demand for several years. Often people are only thinking in short term results. But we need to forecast for the longer term as well.

6) Decide the best distribution channels to produce continuous satisfactory sales and profits. The distribution chain is very different with the Internet. Various levels can be eliminated with the Internet. Walmart buys directly from China, and imports the products to the home country. They bypass the exporter, the importer and the distributor. This is one way they can offer such low prices. But today it’s possible for the average consumer to buy direct from China through the eBay channel. So there are many distribution channels to choose from. Sometimes mold will channels are better.

7) Decide on the best promotional strategy. One effective strategy for Internet marketing is free shipping. But we need to look at all the different possibilities and promotion.

8) Anticipate problems that may arise as these decisions are implemented. As part of our plan if we could have contingencies or backup plans, this will also increase our odds of success.

At the end of 2012 there are 200 million websites to choose from. Only those who have invested in a plan will have traffic.

The plan is to most important part of the website. Often the plan could be multifaceted, or multiple plans depending on the audience.

Contact us today to determine the best brand for your website. We can show you how to research and create a plan that increases the value of your website.


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