Employees Needed for Website Development

Full Time

Part Time



    Research and Write articles from the content plan
Graphic artist

    on page graphics, logo, photo editing
Info-graphic Services

    info graphic pages for link building

    titles, headlines, picture captions

    CMS theme modifications
Project coordinator

    manages writers, content plan, graphics, programmer, designers
Programmer Supervisor

    critical role to manage the programmer

    produces content plan, researchers keywords, analytics, linking and overall strategy
Production Designer

    designer for the aesthetics of the website
Marketing Planning

    responsible for overall marketing typically the website owner.
Business Logic Designer

    designed for conversion, button design, location, color and text layout.
Leads Curator

    manages e-mail list, prepares e-mail campaigns, tracks progress.
Other Content

    video editing, podcasts, webinars.

    monitor social media, research market changes, link bait ideas, monitor competitors, create surveys for marketing.
Data Entry

    maintain shopping cart, add new items, changes to products and price changes.


Creating a great website requires a team effort. Now more than ever it’s important to have a great website. Google can tell. They monitor the feedback from the chrome browser and android phone in the Google toolbar. So it’s important to have a great website.

Great websites make money. It takes more time and effort to create a great website, but the return on investment is much higher.

We have assembled a team roster, so that people can get a better understanding of what’s required to build a modern site. These are all the roles. Sometimes one person can fill many roles. Some roles are only used on occasion like an info-graphic.

By understanding these roles, a website owner and manager can better manage the website and the construction process. Some of these roles are critical. Like the marketing, project coordinator and SEO.

Many positions can be outsourced, some overseas. As long as there is adequate supervision the whole process will work well.

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