America is switching from a location-based economy to an Internet economy. The rest of the world is also changing over on a slower scale.

Search is the most powerful way to connect with customers. This new form called inbound marketing has changed the face of business. People who search and find your website will be much more likely to purchase products and services. They will be much more likely to be a match for the type of products and services you offer.

This is not a new business model. When people wanted to buy goods in the past, they would go to a store and look through the merchandise. They walk to the area of interest, and examine the goods for sale there.

But because of the Internet, the selection is far greater online than any superstore could offer. People love the large selection the Internet offers. No longer do we have to compromise on the product we wish to buy. We can find almost anything on the Internet.

Merchants used to spend a great deal of energy and time on display and layout of merchandise. Testing and experts were sought on the best strategy. Today we have the same thing with websites. The layout and the display of merchandise on the website is just as important as it was in the retail base. It’s done differently now by different people, but the principles is the same.

So, the secret to having good rankings and finding the right people for your website is to provide goods or services, specifically to target market. By offering a larger selection within a small niche, you can provide much better satisfaction to those who want those type of products and services. It’s a match making system. The search engines especially Google try to match the interests of the visitors to that of the website vendors.

So, it’s important how to layout the website so Google and others can categorize your products and services properly. If that’s done, search will provide excellent results. Inbound marketing is the cheapest and easiest way to do business. It’s a way to expand your reach beyond the local neighborhood.

Search marketing is an excellent way to penetrate markets where it would be cost prohibitive ordinarily. You can reach deep into expensive markets, places with high overhead and provide the same goods and services as the local businesses there. Often you can do it better by specializing in a certain area.

What’s required for successful search, is a website plan, SEO plan and a marketing plan.

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