SEO Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • We will always be truthful to the client.
  • We will carefully evaluate the scope of the work and give a reasonable estimate. We will not make frivolous promises.
  • We will not harm the client’s website. This means poor computer code, wrong settings or any general errors.
  • We will not knowingly create copyright violations or use copy protected code or images on the customer’s website without permission of the copyright holder. If images are supplied by the client, it is assumed they have secured copyright approval.
  • We will not create large programs when small ones will work. We will not create custom programs when off the shelf programs are available unless directed to do so by the client.
  • In the case of custom programming or programming from scratch, we will inform the client of the scope of work and the risks.
  • We will endeavor to keep private all passwords, Statistics, Trade Secrets of clients.
  • We will not knowingly use any “Black Hat methods” on client’s websites.
  • We will not subcontract work to an outside source (cheaper 3rd world country) and claim it as our own.We wanted to make this very clear, using plain language. We have adopted this code after observing people violate these principles. It cannot be assumed that others are following these practices.Updated 3-27-2012

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