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Has your website lost its position?

Only 349.00 USD 

  • SEO expert, reviewing your website and analytics for the top problems preventing you from receiving the targeted traffic you deserve.
  • Your SEO questions answered.
  • An emailed statement of the SEO issues found. A Video review is also available.
  • Access to Joe via email or Skype with any questions regarding his findings.

We will create a report that shows all the issues with the website. We will use Google analytics and Webmaster tools as well as other tools to show what needs to be done.
We will then make recommendations based upon the priority of the problems. This includes Panda and Penguin.

The Google android phone and the Google toolbar send information back to Google. The Google Chrome browser sends an enormous amount of information back to Google. Some of that information is loaded directly into the caffeine index, and it becomes effective almost immediately. Google knows of great deal about your website, what your visitors are doing, what they like and don’t like. It’s important for you to know what Google knows.

People like the report because it shows them what areas they need to concentrate on. It’s normally 8-10 pages long.

We don’t use any automated tools, it’s all analysis and reporting based upon our experience and what these Google products tell me.

It’s for your site specifically. There are no templates or anything like that. I look to see what the biggest problems are, I show you those, and then I make recommendations.

Here is what people are saying about my reports:

This report is really great. Please let me know when you are available for
a quick Skype to sum up the go forward strategy before I talk to the boss.

Thanks. Some of these I was vaguely aware (you put them in perspective of someone first visiting the site, something I lost long ago), others not at all. I’ll have some work to do!

Will be in touch!

Great work !!! this was very helpful, We started looking for a programmer…

Hi Joe, this is great.

Exactly what I am looking for,your professionalism and skill is well above any SEO related service I have come across. You have explained thoroughly my site requirements and provided actions to improve my rankings.

Only 349.00 USD

Get USA  quality work done at discount prices.

Personalize website review for your own website.  Find out what it takes to be number one in your industry.

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