SEO Whitehat & Panda Friendly Methods Only


The problem with many websites today, is they’re running into problems with Google’s Panda. Websites that once were ranking are no longer getting any traffic. Website owners are confused and they don’t understand. Some website owners do not understood much of the website stuff. This is because they are dependent to hired programmers or web developers to make their website. Now that the website is not doing well, they don’t understand why.

Some are looking for solutions from SEO people. They hire people to do things like create back links, content spinning, blog networks in all sorts of ideas.  With the thought in mind “If I just try this different idea may be the website will come back.” None of these ideas are going to work.

There needs to be a philosophical shift. In the past, some business website owners had put content on their webpage, maybe 15,20,30,40 pages. Then, they set up systems to manage the people who come and look at their website. When things are not working quite right they look to improve this management. With presumptions in mind “Maybe I need a new squeeze page, or I need some more flash pictures”. These kind of methods do not work anymore.

The visitors are not naive anymore. They can be very smart about how the Internet works. They want more. Google wants more.

We have to change the content on the website. The content has to be what people want to read. It has to be good stuff. We can’t just put out some fluff pages and then manage the people. That model never worked well anyway, but it works even worse now. Because Google has decided that model is broken. Google has decided that only those websites that have great content which people really like, will be ranked high. Those are the only sites that are going to get traffic. Now there are many types of ways to market website. But if you’re going to rely on search, you’re going to have to follow Google’s rules.

This means a change in philosophy. We now have to build websites that people really want. So the very first question we come up with is, what do people want? We’ll get to that in another article.

Whether people like it or not, the Internet is a publishing business. What you publish on your website, will determine how successful you are in the Internet commerce.

Content is written down – intellectual capital. It’s a life that blood of the information organization. The organization that does not understand how to publish content will play a smaller role in the information driven economy. In a world dominated by information, publishing skills are no longer something that’s nice to have. They are a must-have.

A company must publish quality content on his website, or it’s going to go out of business. We’re moving from a location-based economy to an Internet economy. And to do business on the Internet we need a good website. That website needs to have professionally published material. Now, that doesn’t mean that the writing has to be Pulitzer Prize quality. But it means that the content itself, the quality of the ideas expressed in the writing must be good. No fluff. When people come to the website they need to learn something. When they read a page they need to learn something. And they need to be able to find their way around.

The whole website must be a resource for the visitor. When the visitor comes they need to learn all they can about this topic from us. Now, it’s possible our website will not contain everything you need. We can link to other people who do have it.

We need to specialize far more. People today want experts. They are not satisfied with general products or services. They want to buy  from someone who really knows about the product or service. And they judge that based upon the website. So without a good website people don’t want to do business with you. The business lacks credibility.

I was reading a story about a woman in the website business. Her girlfriend called her to look at bridesmaid dresses in the internet. The first woman looked up the website of a certain store. She then told the bride she didn’t like that store because their website is bad and asked the bride to better pick another store. It’s hard to believe. It’s entirely possible the first store had excellent dresses. But they never got a chance to show them, because their website was dated.

We need to invest time, money and effort into the website. We need to have a careful plan. We need to have a coach who can guide us along. And we need to understand who the team players are.

For some people this will be difficult, while others find it easy. But unless you’re in the publishing business, there is no future business. Even an oil change store, needs a good website.

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