What Google is not telling you

The world is changed. Google has put in place a new system in the last 12-18 months. The system is known as Panda and Penguin.

These changes have completely upset the SEO industry, and millions of websites.

This is the biggest change in the last 10 years for online marketing. Aaron Wall has estimated that 90% of all websites in America have been affected by this change.

This is accurately titled a paradigm shift.

The way Google analyzes and judges a website, has changed completely. This new method that they use is very different than old methods.

Yet we have not seen a change in many other website owners thinking. They still seem to think that somehow we can use old methods to recover from these changes. The fact of the matter is, the old methods do not work anymore. And in some cases they can be very awful to a website.

Yet we have not seen a paradigm shift in website owners thinking. Many underestimate the extraordinary challenge the Google has placed before them. In some cases it means completely rebuilding a website. From investment point, this can be substantial. In fact in almost all cases, the investment required in this new era of Google is MUCH greater.

The priority and focus also has changed. They have changed from a push marketing model, to pull marketing.

What Google is not telling people, directly, is that they have to change from telling people all about themselves and how great their products are, to a model of helping people. A resource for people looking for answers to their problems. In some cases this is a big task that Google has saddled on the business owner.

Not only does it have to be a selfless model of helpfulness, but it has to be very well done. Google is measuring how satisfied people are with the website. The people who have a better “user experience”, meaning they like the website, then Google will send more traffic.

The old days of PR ranking, quality of links, quantity of links and many other metrics, now take a back seat to user experience. In some cases they become irrelevant and user experience becomes paramount.

So the website owner needs to understand this, and realize they have to make sweeping changes to their website.
In some cases that means a new business model.
Some website owners are just looking for some more talented SEO people to get them back in the game. They’re looking for a magic bullet.

While it’s true, it does take a much higher level of expertise in understanding to develop a strategy and succeed. But the whole focus needs to shift to content marketing.

What the website owner needs is someone who can develop a strategy, who can be their guide through this new system, and someone who understands the new metrics and can measure the progress.

But even with this new person, Google has set up their system so that there is not a rapid increase in traffic. It’s more about momentum now. SEO is now a Marathon not a Sprint.

These are the things Google is not telling directly. If you listen to what they say and read between the lines, then you can understand this is a extraordinary change that’s taken place, and that it has deep ramifications for business owners.

We have to react to these changes. We cannot do business the way we have in the past. We cannot reverse engineer Google’s algorithm to gain more advantage. That is now impossible. The game has changed. We have to change in response to that.

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