What is a SEO company

SEO company is a broad term that covers many areas. SEO companies are often considered unethical or shady. The reason for this is methods that some people have used over the years are unethical.

The broad definition, is that SEO is: A way to get more traffic to the website. This is what most people understand SEO to be.

Search engine optimization started out as a way to structure the website, so that Google and other search engines could easily find the information on the webpages.

But as Google got better, and people used it more, the traffic from Google meant a lot of visitors to websites. So with a small investment a website owner could get a lot of people coming to his website. As more websites learn this, the competition started to grow.

SEO evolved into a series of tricks or gimmicks
to get your website noticed more, or gain more favor from a search engine. As Google grew and it’s popularity increased, it became the dominant search engine. So people start focusing on how to get more Google traffic. This was broken down into two areas. On page and off page.

The on page, was a series of changes to the website in order to get a higher placement in the Google results. As more people learn what things Google liked, and how they their formula worked, they started improving that area of the website. Meta-keywords, title tags, headings many other things people would manipulate in order to get better results from Google.

In the off page area, people would get more links so that Google would think that the website was worth more. The more links you had, the better quality links, the more Google would send traffic.

This worked for about 10 years. But now Google has changed their system. They are far more sophisticated now, and the gimmicks and tricks do not work.

So what is needed on a website now, is pure SEO services. The website needs to have a certain structure, so that Google will understand its value. You can have a very good website with lots of good content on it, and many people will like it, but if it’s not structured properly Google will ignore it.

So the first step is to get the basic structure and the things that Google says is important correct. In addition, it’s important to have a quality website that people like to use. Things on the website that are valuable to people and they come back and they tell their friends. The second part is the one that most people struggle with. The basic structure Google has carefully laid out over number of years. There’s no secret in how the website should be structured. But building a good website, that people like to use, and that they come back and refer their friends to is a bigger challenge for most small businesses.

This is where marketing comes in. Marketing is much more important in SEO now because of all the changes that Google has made. In order to get people coming back and referring their friends to the website, we need to have some type of marketing.

So there is a much higher level of investment required in a website now after these Google changes, then there was in the past. This is difficult for many people to accept. They think maybe if I can just do some gimmicks or tricks that I can get back to where I was or get some kind of traffic. No, the Google system is very thorough and ruthless. Unless you follow their guidelines exactly, and produce a very good website, you’re not going to receive much Google traffic.

We can guide you through the process. We can help you create a plan. The first step is to start with your website now. Take a look at what’s working and what’s not working. In some cases the website have to be completely rebuilt. In other cases they just need minor modifications, in a new direction or a plan to accomplish what Google wants.

If you have more questions, Please contact us my Skype, or through e-mail, or a direct phone call. Whichever is most convenient.

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